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  1. Baptism, by Claude McKay

  2. The Barren Tree, by Mary Dow Brine

  3. Before Thy Throne, by Watie W. Swanzy

  4. The Blessed Book, by Watie W. Swanzy

  5. Christ in Woolworth's, by Teresa Hooley

  6. The Church, by Jules Romains

  7. Come to Christ, by Watie W. Swanzy

  8. The Cross, by William B. Tappan

  9. Deal Gently, by S. Moore

  10. Dwell with Me, by Watie W. Swanzy

  11. Her Creed, by Sarah Knowles Bolton

  12. His Name, by May Riley Smith

  13. The Holy Communion, by Alice Williams Brotherton

  14. Holy Tears, by Anson D.F. Randolph

  15. Hymn, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  16. I Am a Christian, by S. Moore

  17. I Love My Bible, by S. Moore

  18. In a Church, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  19. I Never Saw a Moor, by Emily Dickinson

  20. The Laughing Prayer, by Louise Driscoll

  21. Mary at the Cross, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

  22. Oh Lord, by Prabhath Avadhanula

  23. The Old Zion Church, by Robert McIntyre

  24. The Palmer's Rosary, by Eliza Allen Starr

  25. Prayer, by S. Moore

  26. The Problem, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  27. Religion, by René Arcos

  28. The Sabbath, by S. Moore

  29. A Sabbath Among the Moorlands, by Robert Gilfillan

  30. Saved!, by Mary Dow Brine

  31. Saviour, I Lift Mine Eyes, by Watie W. Swanzy

  32. The Second Coming, by Louise Driscoll

  33. A Service of Song, by Emily Dickinson

  34. So Let My Light Shine, by Edwin Leibfreed

  35. Spiritual Laws, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  36. A Stony Way, by Florence Peacock

  37. To a Contemporary Bunkshooter, by Carl Sandburg

  38. Treasure in Heaven, by John Godfrey Saxe

  39. The Triumph of Christ, by Watie W. Swanzy

  40. The Universal Prayer, by Alexander Pope

  41. Votive, by William F. DeVault

  42. The Week of Prayer, by S. Moore

  43. We Wander, by William B. Tappan

  44. Wild Flowers (The Wayside Sermon), by Mary Dow Brine

  45. Worship, by Clara Marcelle Farrar Greene