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We wander in a thorny maze,
A vale of doubts and fears;
A night illumed with sickly rays,
A wilderness of tears:
We wander, bound to empty show,
The slaves of boasted will;
We wander, dupes to hope untrue,
And love to wander still.


We wander--while unfading joy
The heart will not approve,
The bliss that sparkles to destroy,
Secures its warmest love:
Some syren leads our steps astray,
But speaks no peace within;
We wander in a flowery way,
We wander, heirs of sin.


We wander--but though oft we roam,
Led by allurement strong,
Yet from our heavenly Father's home,
We would not wander long:
Cleanse us, O Saviour! from this stain
In mercy's living flood;
Restore the lost, and bring again
The wanderer back to GOD.