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Oh, this blessed Book of Thine!
In each word is food divine,--
Food to make the sick heart whole,
Food for every hungry soul.


Come, ye wounded ones, and find
Balm for every troubled mind,--
Balm to heal the sorrowing heart,
Balm that bids all pain depart.


In its pages strength is found,--
Strength to bear life's deepest wound,
Strength to' o'ercome fierce passion's might,
Strength to speak and act aright.


There is love for every one,--
Love for sinners all undone,
Love for poor in wretchedness,
Love that speaks of blessedness.


Here we find sure hope of heaven,--
Hope by Christ the Saviour given,
Hope that we through Him may rise
To the realms above the skies.


Oh, ne'er slight such worth as this!
It contains our all of bliss,--
All, and more than we can think.
Come and of this fountain drink!