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The sorry prayers go up to God
Day after weary day,
Whimpering through the eternal blue
And down the Milky Way.


Deaf to the music of the stars,
The children of desire,
Beggars before the Throne of God
They wait for God to tire.


The proletariat of Heaven
Swarmed in the Golden Street
One day when Michael's host came by
Up to the Judgment Seat.


Above the Heavenly Mansions
Bright, streaming banners flowed,
While Cherubim and Seraphim
Were crowding in the road.


And then a little, laughing prayer
Came running from the sky,
Along the golden gutters where
The sorry prayers go by.


It had no fear of anything,
But in that holy place
It found the very Throne of God
And smiled up in His face.


Then Michael waited in the road,
For Michael understood,
While God looked on the laughing prayer
And found it sweet and good.


So God was comforted. He said,
"There still is hope for men,
One man prays happily." And so
He turned to care again.