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Hail! holy, hope-inspiring day,
God's portion of the Seven,
And oldest landmark in the way
That leads from earth to heaven.


Today the wearied sons of toil
Enjoy the Sabbath's rest,
And under God's approving smile
May worship with the blest.


Today the sons of God present
Themselves before the Lord,
And feast on heav'nly nourishment
Drawn from the sacred word.


Today the social joys of home
Their choicest sweets impart,
Whilst gratitude like sweet perfume
Fills every loving heart.


Today our Resurrection Lord
Comes down his saints to greet,
Who wait according to his word
And worship at his feet.


Hail! peaceful Sabbath, ever blest,
The sign which God has given
To tell me of an endless rest
Prepared for me in Heaven.