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You’re an open book,
He said,
You’re a cactus shaped in a heart,
You’re a cat
Alone and wet from the October rains…
You’re a book,
He said,
Beautiful, special book,
Which I read only when it rains,
while listening to jazz …
You’re a book,
That I love to read,
That I choose to read
For holidays
For special occasions,
You’re a book
standing on my facebook Books Tab
You’re an illustrated book
Illustrated book of poetry,
You’re a wet book,
Dowsed by the October rains
And frosted
at dawn…
You’re a crumpled, lone, sad special book
Standing by yourself on the bookshelf
I bought it just for you,
He said,
I bought the shelf in London.
You’re a book
For special occasions
I read you when I like to treat myself
But you won’t leave me alone…
You have that scent…
That smell of rotting flower
Wet paper…
You call me,
You want me to read you on a regular day?!
I took you from the shelf
And you were soaked
But there was no rain today?!
My dear, salty lonesome book
I’ll open you
I’ll read you
the day after tomorrow…
I’ll read you
in two
or three days…
And then, my book…
I’ll just return you
at the library…