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STRETCH thyself, Life is tired at thy side
--Let her sleep from dawn till dusk is falling,
Beautiful, tired she lies,
Let her sleep--


But thou, arise: Dream is passing and calling
In the shadows deep,
And if thou shouldst delay
I know not who shall guide thee on thy way
--Dream is passing and calling
Up to the heights of day.


Take only thy viaticum,
And of all this love which speedeth every step
Take but desire, and go,
But be not slow:
Dream is passing and calling,
Calling once and no more.


Walk in the shadow, run!
Art thou afraid in some abyss to be falling?
Make haste!... it is too late:
Beautiful Life in love-sleep reaches out again
Her gentle arms, thou art embraced
--Too late: Dream is passing and calling,
Calling in vain,
Passing with disdain ...


Though Life be tired, kiss her till she surrender,
Of her an art engender;
If thou didst wend not to God's infinite ways,
According to the Dream which speaketh not but prays,
Return, and beautiful Life embrace:
From thy death-pain and her deep joy and good
Breed some melodious song,
Which shall outlast thyself, and, ringing strong,
Laugh and weep when in the joyous wood
Spring roves along
With Love's young ever-to-be-spoken guile.


And sing thou in the radiance of his smile.