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The rain falls down
in garnets on this land.
The sky is roseate
and the sand
beneath my feet
is fractured cloud.


I wait, when you rise,
my loud love,
for you to take your leave.
The cat within my mind
sits on the wall
and listens to you,
strident in the chamber,
strident in the hall.


The rain falls down
in diamonds on this earth.
The sky is fiery
and each living thing
takes birth
into the rolling day.
A red stone on my thumb.
a brilliant in my hand,
I'll see what shall come
from floating silent
in the ante-noon,
now you are gone.


Dragons wait
beneath the paving stones
and fairies laugh
so quiet in the oak,
and I shall dig
for sapphires in the yard
and hear the pearls
of wisdom Isis spoke.