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I read in the untroubled Book of Dream
Of beatific things,
Lovely imaginings,
The splendid pomps and pageants of old kings,--
Gleam upon golden gleam!
Each glamoured line
To my enraptured vision
Under unclouded arches sapphirine
Made revelation and interpretation,
(Ah, but they seemed divine!)
Of sights that swam elusive yet elysian.
From rune to silver rune rippled the theme
Of the charmed Book of Dream
Until it touched on love, and on your name
Girt as with morning flame.
There was I fain to dwell,
Brooding above each lyric syllable;
But nay--eclipse!
What broke the spell,
Darkened the beam,
Closed the sweet Book of Dream?
Your laughter, and swift after
Your kiss upon my lips!