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God's right-hand angel, bright and calm!
Christ's strengthener in the agony!
Teach us the meaning of that psalm
Of fullness only known to thee--
"Thy will be done!" we sit alone
And grief within our hearts grows strong
With passionate meaning--till thou come
And turn it to a song.


Come, when the days go heavily,
Weighed down with burdens hard to bear;
When joy and hope fail utterly,
And leave us fronted by despair.
Come, not with flattering earthly light,
But with those grand, clear eyes that see
Beyond the dark, beyond the light,
Straight toward eternity.


Teach us to work, when work seems vain,
This is half victory over fate;
To match ourselves against our pain--
The rest is done when we can wait.
Unseal our eyes to see how rife
With blooms this thorny path may be,
What heights may reach; there's worth in life
Which only thou canst see.


Such worth as bravest souls may reach;
From the strong slain comes sweetness still,
And God lets suffering only teach
Some best revealings of His will.
Then strike within our hearts the key,
Though only sorrow's note it give;
Thy perfect work is harmony
In all that learn to live.