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Striding, striding over the sea,
Calming the rage of the waves goes he,
Lulling the moan of the mighty main,
Assuaging Master Rain!


Marching, marching over the land,
Scattering wide, with a lavish hand,
Draughts for the thirsting seed of the grain,
Bountiful Master Rain!


Never, never a wanderer long;
Ever, ever a-brim with song,--
A plaintive, pleading, pleasuring strain,--
Musical Master Rain!


Welcome thou when the shadows sleep!
Welcome thou when the dreams are deep!
Bearing Peace to Penance and Pain,
Merciful Master Rain!


Old as the host of the hills of earth,
Yet as young as the soul of mirth,
Fain we are of thee, all of us, fain,
Brotherly Master Rain!