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Have we not seen some glimpses of her face,
Or felt her presence make a holy place,
Or touched her floating garment in the crowd,
Or heard great words we dare not breathe aloud?
O soul, make haste to own the call divine;
Follow, for thou art hers and she is thine,
Love her, and love shall be immortal youth,
Forsake the world, and come and follow Truth.


Fear not to set thy feet where she hath trod,
For she that came from God must lead to God.
Search every line she wrote, on sand or stone,
Or souls of men, in those dim ages gone.
Listen today; keep sacred every word
That thrills thee when thy deepest heart is stirred;
Follow with steadfast hope, and thou shalt know
Many have failed--but let us rise and go!


She is a spirit; whom she maketh free
No chain can bind, for him no ill can be,
Whoso will clasp and hold the earthly shape,
Perforce shall let the quickening soul escape.
But come with empty hands, nor look behind;
It is thy life to follow, and to find
Is life eternal. O to see, to know!
The road is rough and long, but let us go!


Her way is in the sea, and through the night,
The waters shall not drown, the dark is light.
Thou shalt not rest with her on mortal ground,
But climb and climb till highest heaven is found
At last, beyond the twilight and the dawn,
Deep in the hidden glory, far withdrawn,
Her rest remaineth. O to feel, to know!
It is for life, for death--but let us go.