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How beautiful to wondering eyes
The rainbow's flame,
That spans the earth, and tints the skies,
Hallowed in name,
And blent with more than Tyrian dyes!


How like bright hope its glories shine,
Distant, yet nigh!
Its woven hues, oh, how divine!
Though doomed to die
In fitful mood, like hopes of mine.


And yet within the heavenly gate
Its smiles invite
Earth's weary pilgrim, child of Fate,
To share the light
Which death nor gloom can dissipate.


It cheers the faith to which we cling--
Faith in the dream
Of life, and in the hopes that fling
Earthward a gleam
Of heaven, like flash of angel's wing.


Emblem of love and power untold,
It crowns His brow
Who doth the skies about him fold,
Keeping his vow,
And golden promise made of old.