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When we enter the portals
Of heaven and home,
And victory, eternal, is won,
Shall we stand with the throng
That God has redeemed
Thru' the love of our Saviour, His Son?


Shall we toil in that world,
Or just bask in the light,
While ages and ages roll on?
Shall we wander, like fairies,
Among the bright flowers,
In that wonderful land in the sky?


On missions of mercy
I trow some shall go,
Wherever dwell suffering men;
To win them, and guide them,
And lead them to God,
From the paths of temptation and sin.


Some shall finish their labors,
So nobly begun;
When they fell in the midst of the fight;
They will conquer at last,
For justice will win,
And the final great conqueror is RIGHT.


There is progress, I'm sure,
On both sides of the tomb.
Flowers bloom, on both banks of the stream.
Love reigns in both worlds,
And life's much the same--
A part of the Infinite's dream.