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Red Wind from out the East:
Red Wind of blight and blood!
Ah, when wilt thou have ceased
Thy bitter, stormy flood?


Red Wind from over sea,
Scourging our lonely land!
What Angel loosened thee
Out of his iron hand?


Red Wind! whose word of might
Winged thee with wings of flame?
O fire of mournful night,
What is thy master's name?


Red Wind! who bade thee burn,
Branding our hearts? Who bade
Thee on and never turn,
Till waste our souls were laid?


Red Wind! from out the West
Pour winds of Paradise:
Winds of eternal rest,
That weary souls entice.


Wind of the East! Red Wind!
Thou witherest the soft breath
Of Paradise the kind:
Red Wind of burning death!


O Red Wind! hear God's voice:
Hear thou, and fall, and cease.
Let Inisfail rejoice
In her Hesperian peace.