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The Cormorant builds on a ledge by the sea;
The Coot, on the bank of a runnel;
The Woodpecker hunts for a hole in a tree;
The Kingfisher digs him a tunnel.


The Barn-swallow nests in the haunts of the tame;
The Grouse, in the brush and the cumber;
The Country Mouse lives in a Home with a Name;
The City Mouse dwells at a Number!


The Bumlbebee hives in a hole in the ground;
The Wasp has a mansion of paper;
The Ant may be found in a neat little mound;
The Clothes Moth resides with the draper.


The Rattlesnake camps on the Prairie-dog's claim;
The Bat, in the cliff-hollow's umber;
The Freeman inhabits a Home with a Name;
The Slave, but a House with a Number!


The fleet-footed Caribou rests in the brake;
The Mole, at the end of a furrow;
The Beaver abides in a hut on the lake;
The Woodchuck is warm in a burrow.


Remote from the campfire's flickering flame,
The Bear in his cavern may slumber;
And you're in the hills in a Home with a Name--
But I'm on a Street at a Number!