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I met the rain today in an open place,
The young rain, adventuring, she danced as she came along.
Her dress was all of silver, she had a smiling face,
And she sang to the dusty trees, a little song.


The dusty trees were glad and they clapped their hands.
I saw a tired flower turn and smile.
At the bend of a little path where a linden stands,
I watched the rain at play for a little while.


Her feet were small and they trod on the grass and bent it.
She carried a scarf of mist that brushed my cheek.
She shook an odor out on the air to scent it,
She bent to the barberries and I heard her speak.


I saw the rain go by like a girl with laughter,
But I will never tell you the word she said.
That you must learn yourself and forever after
Know how the leaves and grass are comforted.


I stood at a bend in the path and the rain went by me.
I could see, like a skein of silk, her shining hair,
She turned with a little smile to satisfy me,
For all the while she knew that I was there.