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It’s well documented by now
that Coca Cola
made profits during World War II
by selling
sodas to Nazi soldiers
under a different brand named
called Fanta,
an Orange carbonated beverage,
so the average American wouldn’t catch on
and found the company was making profits
on enemy lines
despite the fact that Jewish civilians
were being slaughtered in gas chambers
like pigs in a pig farm
and pregnant women were being shot
and children were being separated
by their parents
without any hope to ever see them again,
despite the fact that
husbands were being starved to death
and mothers were being tortured
in medical rooms
by quacks with murder in their eyes
and teachers were kicked and spat on
and forced to carry bricks from morning till night
and piano players
were forced to eat cat food
and hide in closets
until their fingernails
and teeth fell out
like diseased bark on a dying tree.


Coca Cola.
The American soda.
That company is a classic example
of the camouflaged spider
lurking in the disguise
of a stick.


A corporation has no allegiance to Americans
or to anyone
unless that anyone has money in their pocket,
and that includes Coca Cola.


When it comes right down to it
all that company sees is blood
despite the little happy family jingles
in commercials
and the fifties posters with good-looking women
drinking colas in bikinis
or the family get-togethers
on Super Bowl Sunday
where the fridge is filled with soda
or the ice-filled cooler next to the dinner table
is stacked with those infamous cold red cans.


Doesn’t matter whether the swastika is sewed onto
a company’s hat or not. If there’s money to be made then they’re in the club
with Hitler
and Mickey Mouse
and Wall Mart
and all the rest of the corporate


It really is such a cool refreshing drink.
Just ask the Jews.
I’m sure they know better than anyone
on the planet.