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Green mint breath,


with a predator’s thirst,


her hot steamed plunder


spanked to affection;


some candy man love.


Her tom-tom palms,


such smooth pony thighs;


candy requires perfection,


ride, boy ride.


The monkey house screams,


call it a wild girl whisper,


her hot scripted words;


I believe in love.


Candy riders, where’s this going?


Going to slaughter,


touching her thighs;


riding the animal slide.


My candy girl,


little steamed fluffer,


she sweats warm venom;


I feel her love.


You’re pretty slow, if you


still don’t know.


It’s called taste of the savage,


for ponys and monkeys,


a sweet attraction;


for candy boy love.


She was hired to please,


to guard above the knee.


You got it now.


It was ‘62 and I was hot.