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He found the Dinosaurs in geology,
those lizard-like animals with heads like giraffes.


He is strong on mathematics,
but he won't tell you when this was,
for geology works in epochs and not in years.


These Dinosaurs were so large
that they could nibble the tops off
our Sequoia trees like sage brush.


These great reptiles mark the change
between the old and new order
when shellfish and fish proper,
with animals and vegetation of both sea and land,
swarmed in countless myriads.


These fossils
and organic decompositions
mark the oil fields of today.


The Dinosaur by a vicarious death
and after countless dark ages
is now shedding light in our homes
and cooking our meals.


Fuel is but stored-up energy;
the light and heat in which the Dinosaurs basked
is only now being delivered.


Thus the Dinosaur is the founder of the Gas Business.
(It is a long wireless transmission.)