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  1. After the Winter, by Claude McKay

  2. Clean Winter, by Louise Driscoll

  3. The Cold-Woman, by Arthur Guiterman

  4. Falling Snow, by Amy Lowell

  5. Grim Winter, by Elise Pumpelly Cabot

  6. In Winter, by Eliza Allen Starr

  7. In Winter Time, by Andrew Downing

  8. The Leaves are Falling; So am I, by Walter Savage Landor

  9. March, by Watie W. Swanzy

  10. March Winds, by Horace G. Groser

  11. Midwinter, by Alice Williams Brotherton

  12. Mid Winter, by Carolyn Crosby Wilson

  13. Night Snow, by Bai Juyi

  14. Ode to Winter, by Robert Gilfillan

  15. On the Winter Solstice, by Mark Akenside

  16. Question--Answer, by Clara Marcelle Farrar Greene

  17. The Snow, by Watie W. Swanzy

  18. A Snow Burial, by Florence Peacock

  19. Soon Shall the Winter's Foil Be Here, by Walt Whitman

  20. Through Winter Woods, by Margaret Adelaide Pollard

  21. To Winter, by Claude McKay

  22. To Winter, by William Blake

  23. To Winter, by William B. Tappan

  24. Vernal Equinox, by Jack Peachum

  25. Winter, by Albert Samain

  26. Winter, by Alcaeus

  27. Winter, by Obadiah Cyrus Auringer

  28. Winter, by Richard Francis Towndrow

  29. Winter Birds, by Andrew Downing

  30. Winter Blues, by Charlotte S. Harger

  31. A Winter Dawn, by George Sterling

  32. A Winter Day, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  33. Winter Days, by Henry Abbey

  34. Winter in the Boulevard, by D. H. Lawrence

  35. Winter is Coming, by S. Moore

  36. Winter Night, by Edwin Curran

  37. A Winter Ride, by Amy Lowell

  38. Winter's Approach, by August Wilhelm Wern

  39. The Winter Sea, by Clinton Scollard

  40. Winter Sleep, by Elinor Wylie

  41. Winter Song, by Paul Laurence Dunbar

  42. Winter Sports, by Isaac McLellan

  43. Winter Streets, by Evelyn Scott

  44. A Winter Sunset, by George Sterling

  45. Winter Sunshine, by Andrew Downing

  46. Winter Valley, by Marjorie Allen Seiffert

  47. Woods in Winter, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow