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  1. 1798: A Night Piece

  2. Address to Kilchurn Castle

  3. Address to my Infant Daughter, Dora

  4. The Affliction of Margaret

  5. After Visiting the Field of Waterloo

  6. Aix-la-Chappelle

  7. Alice Fell; or, Poverty

  8. Anecdote for Fathers

  9. Animal Tranquility and Decay

  10. Anticipation. October, 1803

  11. At Applethwaite, near Keswick

  12. At the Grave of Burns, 1803. Seven Years after his Death

  13. Beggars

  14. Bleak Season Was It, Turbulent and Bleak

  15. The Blind Highland Boy

  16. Calais, August 15, 1802

  17. Calais, August, 1802

  18. A Character

  19. The Childless Father

  20. The Church of San Salvador, Seen from the Lake of Lugano

  21. The Complaint of a Forsaken Indian Woman

  22. Composed after a Journey across the Hambleton Hills, Yorkshire

  23. Composed by the Sea-side, near Calais, August, 1802

  24. Composed in One of the Catholic Cantons of Switzerland

  25. Composed in the Valley near Dover, on the Day of Landing

  26. Composed near Calais, on the Road leading to Ardres, August 7, 1802

  27. Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802

  28. The Cottager to her Infant

  29. The Danish Boy

  30. Departure from the Vale of Grasmere

  31. Descriptive Sketches Taken During a Pedestrian Tour Among the Alps

  32. The Eclipse of the Sun, 1820

  33. Elegiac Stanzas

  34. Elegiac Verses

  35. Ellen Irwin; or, The Braes of Kirtle

  36. The Emigrant Mother

  37. Engelberg, the Hill of Angels

  38. England! the Time is Come When Thou Should'st Wean

  39. An Evening Walk

  40. Expostulation and Reply

  41. The Fall of the Aar—Handec

  42. A Farewell

  43. The Farmer of Tilsbury Vale

  44. Fidelity

  45. Fly, Some Kind Harbinger, to Grasmere-dale

  46. Foresight

  47. The Forsaken

  48. Fort Fuentes

  49. The Fountain

  50. French Revolution

  51. Glen-Almain; or, The Narrow Glen

  52. Goody Blake and Harry Gill

  53. Great Men Have Been Among Us; Hands that Penned

  54. The Green Linnet

  55. Guilt and Sorrow; or, Incidents Upon Salisbury Plain

  56. Hart-Leap Well

  57. Her Eyes Are Wild

  58. The Idiot Boy

  59. The Idle Shepherd-Boys; or, Dungeon-Ghyll Force

  60. I Grieved for Buonaparté

  61. In a Carriage, Upon the Banks of the Rhine

  62. Incident Characteristic of a Favourite Dog

  63. Influence of Natural Objects...

  64. Inscription for the spot where the Hermitage stood on St. Herbert's Island, Derwent-Water

  65. In the Cathedral at Cologne

  66. In the Pass of Killicranky

  67. It Is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free

  68. It is No Spirit who from Heaven hath Flown

  69. It is Not to be Thought of that the Flood

  70. I Travelled Among Unknown Men

  71. It Was an April Morning: Fresh and Clear

  72. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

  73. The King of Sweden

  74. The Kitten and Falling Leaves

  75. The Last of the Flock

  76. The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, in the Refectory of the Convent of Maria della Grazia—Milan

  77. Lines Left Upon a Seat in a Yew-Tree...

  78. Lines on the Expected Invasion, 1803

  79. Lines Written in Early Spring

  80. Lines Written While Sailing in a Boat at Evening

  81. London, 1802

  82. Louisa

  83. Lucy Gray; or, Solitude

  84. The Matron of Jedborough and her Husband

  85. Matthew

  86. Michael

  87. My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold

  88. A Narrow Girdle of Rough Stones and Crags

  89. Nutting

  90. The Oak and the Broom

  91. October, 1803

  92. October, 1803 II

  93. October, 1803 III

  94. Ode to Duty

  95. The Old Cumberland Beggar

  96. On Approaching the Staub-Bach, Lauterbrunnen

  97. On Nature's Invitation Do I Come

  98. On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic

  99. Our Lady of the Snow

  100. Pelion and Ossa Flourish Side by Side

  101. The Pet Lamb

  102. A Poet's Epitaph

  103. The Redbreast Chasing the Butterfly

  104. Remembrance of Collins

  105. Repentance

  106. Resolution and Independence

  107. The Reverie of Poor Susan

  108. Rob Roy's Grave

  109. Rural Architecture

  110. Ruth

  111. The Sailor's Mother

  112. Scene on the Lake of Brientz

  113. Scenery Between Namur and Liege

  114. September 1, 1802

  115. September, 1802, near Dover

  116. Sequel to the Foregoing

  117. The Seven Sisters; or, The Solitude of Binnorie

  118. She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

  119. She Was a Phantom of Delight

  120. Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman

  121. The Simplon Pass

  122. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

  123. The Small Celandine

  124. The Solitary Reaper

  125. Song for the Wandering Jew

  126. Sonnet composed at —— Castle

  127. The Source of the Danube

  128. The Sparrow's Nest

  129. Stanzas written in my Pocket Copy of Thomson's Castle of Indolence

  130. Stepping Westward

  131. Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known

  132. The Sun Has Long Been Set

  133. The Tables Turned

  134. There is a Bondage Worse, Far Worse, to Bear

  135. There Is an Eminence—Of These Our Hills

  136. The Thorn

  137. Thoughts suggested the Day following, on the Banks of Nith, near the Poet's Residence

  138. Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower

  139. 'Tis Said, That Some Have Died for Love

  140. To a Butterfly

  141. To a Butterfly II

  142. To a Highland Girl

  143. To a Sexton

  144. To a Sky-Lark

  145. To a Young Lady, who had been Reproached for taking Long Walks in the Country

  146. To H. C.

  147. To Joanna

  148. To M. H.

  149. To My Sister

  150. To the Cuckoo

  151. To the Daisy

  152. To the Daisy (II)

  153. To the Daisy (IV)

  154. To the Men of Kent. October, 1803

  155. To the Same Flower

  156. To the Small Celandine

  157. To the Sons of Burns, after Visiting the Grave of their Father

  158. To Toussaint L'Ouverture

  159. The Town of Schwytz

  160. Two April Mornings

  161. Vaudracour and Julia

  162. The Waggoner

  163. The Waterfall and the Eglantine

  164. We Are Seven

  165. When I Have Borne in Memory What has Tamed

  166. When, to the Attractions of the Busy World

  167. A Whirl-blast from Behind the Hill

  168. Who Fancied What a Pretty Sight

  169. Written in Germany, On One of the Coldest Days of the Century

  170. Written in London, September, 1802

  171. Written in March, while resting on the Bridge at the Foot of Brothers Water

  172. Written in Very Early Youth

  173. Written with a Pencil upon a Stone in the Wall of the House (an Out-House), on the Island at Grasmere

  174. Yarrow Unvisited

  175. Yew-Trees