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The wedding day of long ago
Is ever new to hearts like thine,
That Cupid's arrow with one throw,
Filled to the core with love divine.


Those eyes that beamed with love and joy
Are still like stars in luster bright,
That thrill your soul, or gently coy
To sweet caress with calm delight.


These loving hands that joined in bliss
And matrimonially made one,
Still toil in joy and happiness
To reach the goal they then begun.


As through the years, love's flowering buds
Expand into celestial flowers,
Your souls will grow as one with God's,
And dwell with him in heavenly blowers.


That rapturous, agitated heart
Swelled with emotional heavenly bliss,
Oft with a dove-like cunning art,
Calls for a sweet and blissful kiss.


Sing out the Silver Wedding Song!
And let each guest around this board
Send notes of love that will prolong
Their life in health and sweet concord.


Each day and year let love renew,
For love, my dears, will ne'er grow old.
Look upward, ever God in view,
And live to wed in the year of gold.