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Be at peace, my little child,

  as you slumber through the night,

While the world spins around you

  full of war and hate and strife.

May your dreams be full of laughter,

  and of beauty, love & hope,

May you share your kindness always

  to help all others cope.

Will they learn a lesson from you,

  in your innocence so rare?

Can the dictator learn peace,

  and our "enemies" to care?

May the world be blessed, my child

  with armies just like you

With soldiers who will stand

  for what is good & true.

To teach of peace in war-time,

  to lend a helping hand,

To practice brotherly love

  in this, and every land.

The Golden Rule, my sweet child

  is the only law we need.

"Do unto others" in kindness,

  the only way we can succeed.

And may you wake, my precious child

  to a future bright and new

Where all mankind may live in peace,

  My child, it starts with you.