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Welcome, sweet songster; thy return
Brings gladness to my soul.
And now my heart will cease to yearn
And list to thy carol.
Thou art of nature's orchestra--
The warbling clarinet.
At times thy songs appeal to me
Like the famous sextette,
At early dawn I hear thee call
Me oft from reverie.
Then all my being dost enthrall,
And make me worship thee.
Thy silvery voice at midnight hour
Sounds sweetly from afar,
Or from the nearby trellised bower
Illumined by moon and star.
Oh! let thy vibratory note
Blend with my love and heart,
And on ethereal waves afloat
To Her in realms apart.
Then all Her sweet celestial love
Will joyously rebound,
With angel music from above,
Her voice to me redound.