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In the old park, lonely and bound by frost
Two forms just passed and were in darkness lost.


Their lips are pale and moist, their eyes are dead,
Almost inaudible the words they said.


In the old park, lonely and bound by frost,
Two ghosts recalled the perished days they lost.


"Do you remember our old, mad delight?"
"Why would you have me think of it tonight?"


"Still at my name does your heart throb and glow?
And in your dreams your soul still sees me?"--"No."


"O goodly days of joy that we have seen
When our lips clung ..." "It may have been!"


"How blue was heaven and how our hope outspread!"
"To a black sky those perished hopes have fled!"


They walk recalling a wild, graceless day,
And only night can hear the words they say.