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Welcome to the park where I took my lover down to the river, to talk about the Romans, sex, Edgar Cayce and Ginsberg. Discarded cigarettes from last summer drained from gutters, to the healthy fishes water.

Her head eclipsed the sun but everything was still vibrant in my peripheral vision. We couldn't slow dance to horns and buses so we slept with Maple and Acacia Curvaceous, on the greener grass of the other side.

George of the jungle was there, with a gin gal called Jill who was also a gull, who owned a puppy Jin-Jin and had a brother that could sing.

A bicycle with tyres made of stone cracked the pavement all the way home, and the child's church bell on the handle bars woke us with Cairo syndrome.

We rode the backs of ants through a fabric landscape, soft like foam faconné and open like bell sleeves. The double arch of the bridge made a 'W' upside down, or a double 'U' together like conjoined twins.

Shimmering on the river, a likeness of itself, now not lonely with another, and reflecting like owls eyes, on your forearm. The ducks were caged by the city. A playground within a playground.

Mother nature opened her game legs and gave birth to the sunset, then it rained the dregs. We ran for cover from tall boy thunder and hid under a homeless man in a blunder.

We stole his blender and decided to dance for the Sioux nation. We danced for our tribe of 2. We cursed the city with it's mindless cog-like motion, it's illustrious mechanical polluting graffiti ridden commotion.

As the tears from nature's labour withdrew, the clouds slowly uninvited themselves, and a final glimpse of the sun peaked back through.

We galloped on our pegs like they were springs instead of legs, I held your hand because you nearly flew, we were joyous through and through. Row boats rowed against the current, with blonde muscular women that had arms like torrents.

There was a bamboo forest thicker than woven wicker, that was hard to see through. We cut ourselves a doorway, we had walls of vertical green tubes, a ceiling of leaves, and a floor of litter.

We could see out but from the outer you couldn't see the inner, and at that moment the whole world became a little thinner.

We stayed a little longer past dinner, then my lover ... she disappeared.