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Jerusalem awakes,
Her giant shadows flee;
Night's sentinel forsakes
The hills of Galilee:
And scattering tints of morn have met
Above the brow of Olivet.


In ruins slept a world
Once innocent and fair;
His banner sin unfurled,
And Death trod proudly there.
Darkness held empire till afar,
Symbol of hope, rose Bethlehem's Star.


The angel choir that night
Brought tidings down to man;
On floods of wavy light,
Celestial music ran:
"Glory to God! Good will to earth,
Salvation by Immanuel's birth!"


Light broke on Syrian plains
To cheer a world in woe;
And there were heard the strains
That none but angels know:
That light shall shine from sun to sun,
That song through every clime shall run.


The chambers of the tomb
Yield renovating breath;
HE snatched from these their gloom,
And victory from death:
Now spices flow along that bed,
Now Resurrection crowns the dead.