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Fragments 33, 57A, 44, 41, 70, 58 combined.

I loved thee, Atthis, — even thee! —


Ah, long ago!
As Aphrodite's handmaid bright
As gold wert thou then in my sight.
A very queen of love to me


Then didst thou show.
Fair gifts I sent thee — 'broidery
Of golden thread whose shimmering light
Flashed mid the purple on thy knee,


A gleam and glow.
Then I knew not thine heart aright:


But now I know!
Thou incarnate false inconstancy —


To whom I grow
A thing to hate! — thou takest flight
On wings of love to — who is she?
A rustic wench whose garments flow
About her heels ungracefully!

O yea, let thy false love requite
Andromeda's worship! Take delight
In her — thou who from my love's height
Hast sunk so low!