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Goodbye, Old Year!--I can but say,
Sadly I see thee passing away;
Passing away with the hopes and fears,
The bliss and pain, the smiles and tears,
That come to us all in all the years.


Good by, Old Year!--Little indeed
Thy friendly voice we were wont to heed,
Telling us, warning us every day:--
"Transient mortals! work and pray;
You, like me, are passing away!"


Goodbye, Old Year!--Whatever may be
The sins and stains thou hast chanced to see,
Consider, O Year! to purge the same,
And wash away the sin and shame,
Whilst thou wert passing, CHRISTMAS came!


Goodbye, Old Year!--With words of grace
Leave us to him who takes thy place;
And say, Old Year, unto the New,
"Kindly, carefully, carry them through,
For much, I ween, they have yet to do!"