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Hey, God, let’s switch places!
You take mine,
and I'll take yours -- I'll be the God.


It's not so hard as it seems.
You just have to lose some weight,
Change your hair, make it longer,
Wear some keds, smoke three packs a day.
It’s a little boring, but
you’ll have to play smart
(Don’t ruin my image, I've worked so hard for it).

You'll wake up in old campus every morning,
and time after time will get calls
from your temporary father (my former father).
It's O.K. if he lectures you
for not working,
you'll get used to it.

Meanwhile I'll pet angels,
learn Godlike manners
and watch Earth from
the ozone hole.


If I want to change some things,
I could change some things.


If I existed.