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  1. At Sunset, by Caroline Spencer

  2. The Birth of the Opal, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  3. The Eclipse of the Sun, 1820, by William Wordsworth

  4. Hymn to the Sun, by Harvey Rice

  5. Invocation to the Sun, by Henry Abbey

  6. A Prairie Sunset, by Walt Whitman

  7. The Sea of Sunset, by Emily Dickinson

  8. The Sun, by C. B. Langston

  9. Sun God, by August Wilhelm Wern

  10. Sunrise, by Arthur Guiterman

  11. Sunrise from the Mountains, by Anna Katherine Green

  12. Sunrise on Mt. Rainier, by Nellie Seelye Evans

  13. The Sun Rising, by John Donne

  14. The Sunset, by Edwin Leibfreed

  15. Sunset, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  16. A Sunset, by Nellie Seele Evans

  17. Sunset, by Mrs. O. M. Livingston

  18. Sunset, by S. Moore

  19. Sunset from the Train, by Richard Watson Gilder

  20. Sunset in the West Indies, by Anne S. Bushby

  21. Sunset on a Lake, by Mary T. Lathrap

  22. Sunset Symbols, by Rosa Vertner Jeffrey

  23. A Sunset Walk, by Sarah Knowles Bolton

  24. The Sun-Worshippers, by Ardelia Cotton Barton

  25. Thou Orb Aloft Full-Dazzling, by Walt Whitman

  26. The Total Eclipse of 1869, by Rosa Vertner Jeffrey