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  1. The Beginning of Summer, by Bai Juyi

  2. A Boy's Summer Song, by Paul Laurence Dunbar

  3. Declining Summer, by Clinton Scollard

  4. Dream of a Summer Land, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  5. End of Summer, by Mark Turbyfill

  6. Farewell to Summer, by Bernard McEvoy

  7. Follies, by Carl Sandburg

  8. Heat, by Pierre Lièvre

  9. Indian Summer, by Edna Dean Proctor

  10. Indian Summer, by Emily Dickinson

  11. In Quest of Summer, by Horace G. Groser

  12. In Summer, by Alcaeus

  13. It Shall Be, Then, Upon a Summer's Day, by Paul Verlaine

  14. June, by Guy Wetmore Carryl

  15. June's Coming, by John Burroughs

  16. The Last Day of Summer, by William Alexander

  17. Midsummer in the Catskills, by John Burroughs

  18. Midsummer Morn, by Clara Marcelle Farrar Greene

  19. Midsummer Song, by Clinton Scollard

  20. Oh Come Smiling June!, by William B. Tappan

  21. The Parting with Summer, by Mary T. Lathrap

  22. The Rainless Summer, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  23. A Recipe for Summer, by Mary Dow Brine

  24. Summer, by Amy Lowell

  25. Summer, by Francis Howard Williams

  26. Summer, by Harvey Rice

  27. Summer, by Nellie Seelye Evans

  28. Summer, by Richard Francis Towndrow

  29. Summer, by S. Moore

  30. Summer, by William B. Tappan

  31. A Summer Afternoon, by Mary Dow Brine

  32. A Summer Day, by Edna Dean Proctor

  33. A Summer Day, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  34. The Summer Day, by Edwin Leibfreed

  35. A Summer Day, by Li Bai

  36. Summer Evening Shower, by Dugald Moore

  37. Summer Hours, by Albert Samain

  38. A Summer Idyl, by Rosa Vertner Jeffrey

  39. Summer Morning, by Dugald Moore

  40. A Summer Morning, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  41. Summer Morning, by Sarah Josepha Hale

  42. A Summer Night, by Andrew Downing

  43. Summer Night, by Marjorie Allen Seiffert

  44. Summer of Love, by Joyce Kilmer

  45. Summer Resurrection, by Robert Leighton

  46. Summer's Armies, by Emily Dickinson

  47. Summer Shower, by Emily Dickinson

  48. The Summer Storm, by George Houghton

  49. Summer Twilight, by Isaac McLellan

  50. Summer Winds, by Margaret Adams Hobbs

  51. The Sweet June Time, by Mary Dow Brine

  52. A Thought of Summer, by Mary T. Lathrap

  53. To Summer, by William Blake

  54. When Summer's End Is Nighing, by A. E. Housman