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Hear the softly falling rain
Lightly patter on the pane!
How it 'minds of little feet
Treading lightly and so fleet
Childhood's fair and sunny way,
Strewn with garlands fresh and gay,
And where bird-like all day long
Each heart sang its merry song,--


Ned and Harry, bold and free,
Always kind as kind could be;
Gentle Allie, whose blue eyes
Vied in beauty e'en the skies;
Katie dear, so blithe and gay,
While the pleasant hours away
With her frolic and her fun,
Who was never quite out-done.


Earth seemed full of endless bliss.
They ne'er had felt betrayal kiss.
Sheltered beneath parental arms,
All life's wild and fierce alarms
Clouded not the rosy light
Of the morning, fresh and bright,
Holding out to them life's cup
That was nought but joy to sup.


Ned and Harry grew to men,
Sought them homes in forest glen
On the frontier borders wild,
Where Ned found sweet Nature's child
Beautiful and fair to see,
Blushing, innocent, and free.
Well he knew the wooer's part,
Won and kept her pure young heart.


Allie, one bright summer day,
Kissed them all, and passed away.
Katie dear is gray and old,
Borne life's cares manifold;
Drank a brimful cup of life,
Found it all with sorrow rife.
She o'er Alice's grave oft wept,
Thought how peacefully she slept.