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Near the city of Jericho,
Just where the crowds pass to and fro,
Beneath the hot sun's scorching glare,
And by the dusty thoroughfare,
A blind man sat upon the ground,
His ear acute to every sound,
When notes of praise he heard arise,
And, opening wide his sightless eyes,
Asked, "Who is this that cometh nigh?"
"Jesus of Nazareth passeth by."


The beggar blind had often heard
Of the healing power of Christ the Lord,
And when those words fell on his ear,
His glad heart leaped with joy to hear.
As nearer came the moving crowd,
He raised his voice, and cried aloud,
"Son of David, have mercy on me!"
(Oh, he thought, that I might see!)
But those were standing nearest by
Roughly rebuked his pleading cry.


Still undaunted, for he longed to see,
More loud he cried, "Have mercy on me!"
The suppliant's voice the Saviour heard.
By love and pity his heart was stirred.
He bade them bring the man to him;
And when he came, Christ asked of him,
"What wilt thou I shall do?"--"Oh that I might,"
The poor man said, "receive my sight!"
His sight the Saviour then restored,
And his first look was on the Lord.