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Love of my life, the time has come for parting--
For, dearest, I must leave you while we care!
Leave you while tears of vain regret are starting,
While I can look at you and find you fair.
Could we endure a morn of bitter waking,
Could we accept a love that would seem less?
Dear, I must go the while my heart is breaking--
Go while my world is filled with happiness.


Love of my soul, our dream has been so flaming,
That, if we waited, it might smoulder down--
Leaving dead ashes only, ashes shaming
All that was vivid--ashes dimly brown.
We will have memories as sweet as flowers,
We who have left, untouched, Fate's cup of woe;
Kiss me once more to bridge life's aching hours--
Love of my heart--the time has come to go!