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The eyes
I could write books about the eyes
And I knew
I knew
The sad eyes of a doctor
and you know from those eyes
she thinks you are going to die.
Deep eyes
soulful eyes
no words needed, yet they came:


"You have Cancer..."


Chills up your spine
a void in your chest
where your heart vaporized.
What do you say
when death knocks at your door?


"You have Cancer."


And suddenly you are in that someplace
swinging between numbness and rage
between faith and fear
Freefalling through your life


"You have cancer."


The ease of life
The peace of life
Are gone
You have received God's wake-up call
"Wake up! It's time to fight"
"Wake up! It's time to trust'
The tomorrow you always thought was a given,
There may be no tomorrows
only yesterdays
in the minds of those left behind.


"You have cancer..."