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YE vowels, A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue,
I will reveal your latent births one of these days.
A, of big burnished flies the ebon hairy stays
Buzzing o'er cruel stenches, gulfs of shade; E, hue
Of tents and vapours, lance of proud glaciers, rajahs who
In linen glitter, umbel shiverings; I, displays
Of purples, laugh of lovely lips where angers blaze,
Expectorated blood, excesses steeped in rue.
U, the divine vibration of green seas,
├ćons, the peace of cattle-studded leas,
Lines drawn by alchemy on studious foreheads wise.
O, supreme clarion full of strident noises strange,
Silences where worlds and angels range,
O, the Omega, and the violet ray of His eyes!