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I have been wandering today
Out on the moor, and have seen
The country stretching far away,
In stony slopes and wastes of green.


And watched the distant hilltops lie
Far in the sunset fair and free,
Like purple clouds across the sky,
--And further still the line of sea.


And heard the lark above me sing,
And seen the plover flying near,
And many a little hidden spring,
And twinkling water brown and clear.


And brightest sun, and darkest shower,
And day and night-time, come to rest,
And toiling wind and tender flower,
Upon the moor's untiring breast.


We falter in our smiles and tears,
And faint with joys and sorrows won,
The moors stretch out through all the years,
In perfect peace--till Time is done.


And peace is love, dear love I know
There is no greater thing than this,
It is the utmost love can show,
It is the utmost love can miss.


The love within my soul for thee
Before the world was had its birth,
It is the part God gives to me
Of the great wisdom of the earth.