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I kissed the dawn of summer.


Nothing stirred before the palace. Water was motionless. Shadow claimed the woodland road. I walked, lively and with warm breath, noticing precious stones along the way; and wings rose without a sound.


First, I encountered a form full of freshness and light--a flower who told me her name.


I laughed at the bright waterfall pounding trees into disarray: at the silver summit, I perceived the goddess.


I lifted her veils, one by one. My arms trembled with delight. But across the plain, I denounced her to the cock. In the city, she fled among steeples and domes, and I chased after like a beggar on the banks of marble.


On a little road near the forest, I bound her with gathered veils, and gathered my courage to touch her colossal body. At once, both dawn and child fell down at the woodpile.


On waking, I found that it was noon.