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Do you believe in alternate worlds,
in other dimensions?
I do
I'm there


I am a ghost
walking around unseen
watching others,
not a part of their world,
they, not a part of mine


I was in their world once.
I think I remember.


Soccer games
going to work
not thinking about tomorrow.
All surreal now
so surreal.


Transported to a world
of people dressed in white
of machines
and a million needles piercing me
the needles seem to never stop.
Days filled with medicine
and more medicine
Do I take this one now?
God, I forget what I took.


Transported to a world of days without sleep
and days without waking.
A world of pain
A world where you let them
fill you with poisons
then ask them to do it again.


Everything that mattered before,


God, how I long to go to the mall
like these people walking around me,
to worry about next summer's vacation
as though next summer is assured.
I long to be free
I long to be normal
But there is nothing normal
in the world of cancer.