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  1. After a Day We Stay in Bed Until the Sun is Close to Setting, by Lyn Lifshin

  2. Fragment, by Amy Lowell

  3. The Immortality of Verse, by Horace

  4. Insufficiency, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  5. Loving in Truth, and Fain in Verse My Love to Show, by Sir Philip Sidney

  6. The Master-Poets, by Richard Watson Gilder

  7. One Day I Wrote Her Name upon the Strand, by Edmund Spenser

  8. On Lyric Poetry, by Mark Akenside

  9. On the Use of Poetry, by Mark Akenside

  10. The Poem, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  11. The Poem on the Wall, by Bai Juyi

  12. The Poet, by Alfred Tennyson

  13. The Poet, by Mark Akenside

  14. The Poet and His Book, by Edna St. Vincent Millay

  15. The Poet and His Muse, by Theognis of Megara

  16. Poetic Art, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  17. Poetry, by Benjamin Franklin Field

  18. Poetry, by Claude McKay

  19. Poetry, by James McIntyre

  20. Poets Forgotten, by Ernest Raynaud

  21. Poets to Come, by Walt Whitman

  22. A Poet's Wife, by Amy Lowell

  23. The Spirit of Poesy, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  24. The Spirit of Poetry, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  25. The Street Poet, by Callimachus

  26. To a Poet, by Claude McKay

  27. To Poetry, by Richard Chenevix Trench

  28. The Way Neruda Wrote, by Zaina Anwar

  29. What is a Sonnet?, by Richard Watson Gilder

  30. When I Have Passed Away, by Claude McKay

  31. Writing Poems, by Conner Bassett