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Long years ago he bore to a land beyond the sea,
To a city fair and stately, that renowned must ever be
Through all ages yet to follow, for the light shed there by me.
I am Helen; where is Troy?


They have told me not a roof-tree nor a wall standing now,
That o'erthrown is the great altar, where ten thousand once did bow,
While on high to Aphrodite rose the solemn hymn and vow.
I am Helen; where is Troy?


Do they deem thus the story of my life will pass away?
Troy betrayed, and all who loved me slain upon that fatal day,
Shall but make the memory of me evermore with men to stay.
I am Helen; where is Troy?


Fools! to dream that time can ever make the tale of Troy grow old;
Buried now is every hero, and the grass green o'er the mold.
But of her they fought and died for, every age shall yet be told.
I am Helen; where is Troy?