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  1. Age, by Walter Savage Landor

  2. Age Comes A-Wooing, by Joyce Kilmer

  3. The Burden of Age, by Edith Matilda Thomas

  4. The Chrysanthemums in the Eastern Garden, by Bai Juyi

  5. Contentment in Old Age, by Palladas

  6. Dementia, by Michael Tusa

  7. The Fountain, by William Wordsworth

  8. A Friend, by Carmen Sylva

  9. I'm Growing Old, by John Godfrey Saxe

  10. In One's Age to One's Youth, by Edith Matilda Thomas

  11. Laughter, by Conrad Aiken

  12. Life's Twilight, by Caroline Spencer

  13. Lolita Now is Old, by Marjorie Allen Seiffert

  14. More Tender Lands, by Stephen Crane

  15. Obits, by Mary L. Slocum

  16. Old Age, by C. B. Langston

  17. Old Age and Youth, by Sophocles

  18. Old Age's Lambent Peaks, by Walt Whitman

  19. The Old Lover, by Anacreon

  20. The Old Lovers, by Kenneth Rand

  21. Old Men in the Park, by John Malcolm Pouch

  22. The Old Stage Queen, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  23. An Old Workman, by Lola Ridge

  24. Reading the Obituaries, by Marilyn L. Taylor

  25. Respect Due to Old Age, by S. Moore

  26. Rondeau: Old Woman With Cat, by Marilyn L. Taylor

  27. Short Term memory Loss, by Mark Thalman

  28. Sunset, by Florence Peacock

  29. Terminus, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  30. Theoretical Poetics, by "alcoholic poet"

  31. The Untimely Death of the Old Forgotten Man, by Michael Tusa

  32. Upon Becoming 60, by Mary L. Slocum

  33. When I am Old, by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

  34. The Winter of Life, by Mary Dow Brine

  35. The Women Tell Me Every Day, by Anacreon

  36. Youth and Age, by Anacreon

  37. Youth and Age, by Arthur Guiterman