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  1. Autumn Dusk in Central Park, by Evelyn Scott

  2. Avenue of the Americas, by Calvera Tomczak

  3. Broadway, by Carl Sandburg

  4. Broadway, by Edith Matilda Thomas

  5. Broadway, by Lola Ridge

  6. Broadway, by Walt Whitman

  7. Broadway, by Maxwell Bodenheim

  8. By Hudson's Tide, by Henry Abbey

  9. The City, by Prabhath Avadhanula

  10. City of Orgies, by Walt Whitman

  11. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, by Walt Whitman

  12. Dawn in New York, by Claude McKay

  13. East River, by Lola Ridge

  14. East-Side: New York, by Maxwell Bodenheim

  15. Fifth Avenue (New York), by Maxwell Bodenheim

  16. From Brooklyn, by Evelyn Scott

  17. Harlem Shadows, by Claude McKay

  18. The Hudson, by Margaretta V. Faugeres

  19. Hudson River, by Evelyn Scott

  20. Long Island in Late October, by Isaac McLellan

  21. Manhattan, by Edwin Curran

  22. Manhattan, by Herman Scheffauer

  23. Manhattan, by Joseph Aprile

  24. Manhattan, by Lola Ridge

  25. Mannahatta, by Walt Whitman

  26. Midnight Worship: Brooklyn Bridge, by Evelyn Scott

  27. New York, by Theodore Sedgwick Fay

  28. New York at Night, by Amy Lowell

  29. New York Harbor on a Calm Day, by Park Benjamin

  30. On Broadway, by Claude McKay

  31. The Subway, by Joyce Kilmer

  32. Summer Evening: New York Subway-Station, by Maxwell Bodenheim

  33. Sunset: Battery Park, by Evelyn Scott

  34. Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown - by John J. Ronan

  35. To the Hudson, by Elizabeth Oakes-Smith

  36. The Tropics in New York, by Claude McKay

  37. Wall Street, by Benjamin Peck Keith

  38. Wall Street at Night, by Lola Ridge