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  1. The Dying Year, by Florence Peacock

  2. The Dying Year, by Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch

  3. The End of the Year, by Isaac McLellan

  4. The Last Night of the Year, by Isaac McLellan

  5. Midnight Mass for the Dying Year, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  6. The New Year, by Ardelia Cotton Barton

  7. New Year, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  8. New Year (II), by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  9. New Year, 1918, by Arthur Guiterman

  10. New Year's Day, by S. Moore

  11. A New Year's Eve, by Caroline Spencer

  12. New Year's Eve, by Richard Chenevix Trench

  13. The New Year's Wreath, by C. B. Langston

  14. The Old Year, by Harvey Rice

  15. The Old Year and the New, by John Godfrey Saxe

  16. To the New-Year, by William B. Tappan