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What think ye of Christ? O! I feel he is mine
God blessed forever eternal divine,
My merciful Saviour, Redeemer and God,
Who saved me from ruin by shedding his blood.


My Prophet, the will of the Lord to make known,
My Priest and my offering, for sin to atone.
My Captain, salvation and strength to impart,
The Lord, King of Glory, who reigns in my heart.


What think ye of Christ? he is goodness and love,
The saints, intercessor now pleading above,
My life, and preserver, the truth and the way,
My rock and my fortress, my shield and my stay.


What think ye of Christ? I believe he'll soon come
To call up his servants and bring them safe home,
For he is the Conq'ror of hell and the grave,
My life-giving Jesus, almighty to save.


What think ye of Christ? O! my poor meagre thought
Can never conceive of his love as I ought;
But when I'm in glory beholding his face,
For ever and ever I'll sing of his grace.