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Through the bleak barren wilds and rough uplands I strayed'
And hungry and faint and of dangers afraid,
And foot-sore and weary, I longed to repose
Beside the still waters where green pasture grows.


My good Shepherd sought me my soul to deliver,
And brought me to rest by the brink of the river.
He fed me, revived me, and gave me repose,
And spread me a table in sight of my foes.


When passing the valley where death's gloomy shade
Hangs over my pathway I'll not be afraid,
For he will be near with His staff and His rod
To comfort my soul and upraise me to God.


His goodness and mercy to me in the past
Assure me He will not forsake me at last;
He'll feast me through life on the sweets of His love,
And then take me home to His mansion above.