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When temptations throng your pathway,
When you're almost forced to yield,
Then upraise the royal banner
And more firmly grasp your shield.


Call on your victorious captain,
He'll impart his shielding power,
And bestow the needful courage
For the tempting, trying hour.


Have you yielded to temptation,
Is your soul of peace bereft,
Is your hope eclips'd forever,
Is there not one solace left?


Tho' you may have deeply fallen
In the filthy, miry clay,
Seek again the cleansing fountain,
Go and wash your sins away.


You have still an intercessor,
And an advocate above,
Waiting, pleading to restore you
To the fullness of his love.


Better far to never stumble,
But if you should chance to fall,
Make an effort Christ will raise you,
If by faith in Him you call.


We can only gain the conquest,
We can only win the race
By our watchful, prayerful trusting
In the Lord for needful grace.


Come then to this loving Saviour
And His saving grace implore,
And He'll pardon while He bids you
Go in peace and sin no more.