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In olden times respect was shown to age
And youth revered the hoary-headed sage
But times have changed, the old are flung aside
To clear the way for youthful prating pride.


Oft have I seen the self-conceited youth,
As ignorant of manners as of truth,
Ignore old men and hold them up to scorn
As garments which should be no longer worn.


Should young America this course pursue
And rob the aged of their rightful due!
Is this her boast? then let it be her shame--
A cloud to hide the glory of her name.


A crown of glory is the hoary head
To him who is by truth and virtue led,
ANd those old veterans in the cause of truth
Should get the homage of our rising youth.


Experience teaches, and the aged should
Know what is bad and what is truly good,
And so the young who venture on life's stage
Should take their counsel from the hoary sage.


Our clever youth oft make it a pretence
To mock old men found limited in sense;
'Tis wickedness, their age commands respect
And therefore none should treat them with neglect.